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Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Experience With Reviewing For Bookplex

I have been a reviewer for Bookplex  since February 2012.  I posted my first review for them on my former blog here.   My first post on this blog was a review I wrote for Bookplex.

 Today Bookplex has asked their reviewers who blog to post about our experience with them.   Some individuals continue to say that Bookplex reviews are dishonest and that our reviews aren't valid.   They have been saying the same things for as long as Bookplex has existed.  I may not be able to change their minds, but I can tell you the complete truth about the kind of reviews I write for Bookplex.

Those who read my blog know that all my reviews are honest.   I rarely write reviews that are completely positive or completely negative.   Most of my reviews contain some criticism.   This has also been the case with my reviews for Bookplex.  I always mention Bookplex in the reviews that I write for them. So you can locate all of them with a search, but I thought I'd point out a few examples. 

  Here's an example of a review of a Bookplex book that I consider balanced.  It contained some praise for the concept, and the portrayal of Soweto residents.  It also contains criticism of  the protagonist's characterization and mentions editing errors.  I won't say that I've never given a Bookplex book unqualified praise.   Here is the post about the book that I thought was the best that I reviewed for Bookplex in 2015.  I also have an example of a review of a Bookplex book that I considered extremely flawed. You can read that review here .  Please note that even when my review is largely negative, I try not to be harsh or disrespectful to the author.   

I believe that writing reviews for Bookplex has made me a better reviewer.  Bookplex has a number of requirements for reviews. So I need to be much more thorough when I review for Bookplex.  I now take very detailed notes about books as I read them because of my experience with Bookplex.  I now pay much more attention to copy editing errors because a Bookplex review requires me to mention them, and what sort of errors they were.  I also pay more attention to the cover, and whether I consider it effective. That is another required element of a Bookplex review. 

There's definitely a serious problem with fraudulent reviews on the internet.  There are people who write reviews without having read the book.  Such a review would never pass muster with Bookplex.  Bookplex reviews need to be detailed.  I make sure that it's obvious in my review that I read the entire book from beginning to end.  Given the standards that Bookplex has for reviews, I think that Bookplex isn't part of the problem.  It's part of the solution.  



  1. That's awesome that they make you a better reviewer.

  2. Hi I wondered if you do reviews directly with authors? I have written a spiritual wisdom book. Only 70 pages thanks